image RCP has assisted companies in Marine Dock Operations since 1996 with every aspect of compliance. We have helped with preparation and updating of plans, manuals, and forms required by the United State Coast Guard (USCG). We have developed an affective inspection program for companies which either have facilities or vessels regulated by the USCG.

RCP will assist you in developing streamlined inspection programs (SIPs) that meet current USCG policies. We can help you:

  • Develop a company action plan (CAP)
  • Develop vessel action plans
  • Identify appropriate Inspection Criteria References (ICRs) for your vessels
  • Develop appropriate Inspection Schedule and Verification (ISV) forms for your vessels
  • Develop vessel-specific examination checklists
  • Draft correction reports
  • Set up a recordkeeping and monitoring system
Even if you do not participate in the SIP, RCP can assist you in determining applicability of vessel inspection regulations and assist you in monitoring your vessel inspection program.

Coast Guard regulations governing Marine Transportation-Related Facilities are rife with paperwork requirements. RCP can provide a very cost-effective solution to the problem of preparation and continuing update of regulatory documents. We have vast experience in the preparation of:

  • Dock Operations Manuals
  • MARPOL NLS Instruction Manuals
  • Marine Vapor Control System Operating Manuals
  • Vessel Transfer Procedures
  • Dock Emergency Manuals
  • OPA 90 Plans for Facilities
  • OPA 90 Plans for Vessels
  • Declaration of Inspection Forms
  • Applications for Exemption/Requests for Alternative Methods