imageDOT pipelines are required to have Operations & Maintenance (O&M) procedures. These procedures are very comprehensive, regulating the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and emergency response for all regulated pipelines.

RCP's comprehensive DOT Pipeline Compliance Program includes both general and pipeline-specific operating and maintenance procedures and forms. For many clients, dividing the operations and maintenance procedures into general and pipeline-specific information provides both efficiency and flexibility.

  • The general O&M can be used for all pipelines and would not necessarily require revision with purchase or divestiture of a pipeline.
  • The pipeline specific operating manuals (PSOM) include details related to each section of pipe such as: Normal Operating Procedures, Abnormal Operating Procedures, Emergency Shutdown Procedures, and Normal Operating Condition Charts.
Whether you are developing new manuals or working with existing procedures, RCP can provide procedures and forms in your format or using the RCP System. We have utilized the RCP System for over 100 pipeline operators and have found it widely accepted and most cost effective method of compliance with DOT regulations.

RCP can create a hosted website that would contain all of your procedures, forms and manuals electronically. The site is password protected and includes only your company's information. RCP can update the content of the website annually or semi-annually to reflect the most recent standards and any of your company changes. Current documents will be immediately accessible from anywhere with internet service.

RCP can provide training sessions for all appropriate personnel on how the program is formatted, its function, requirements contained within the program, and suggestions for maintaining compliance.