image In October, 2009, the NTSB issued a Safety Recommendation that PHMSA initiate an inspection program to evaluate pipeline operators' public education programs, including pipeline operators' self-evaluations of the effectiveness of their public education programs. Since then, PHMSA has developed inspection forms and guidance information, and has begun conducting these inspections throughout the country. Will you be ready when PHMSA (or your state regulatory agency) calls?

Public Awareness Effectiveness Program Inspections

These inspections can last 2-3 days and take a close look at the administration and development of operator public awareness programs; program implementation; and the program evaluation process (including annual audits and effectiveness evaluations). They are focused solely on Public Awareness and its impact on the operator's program.

RCP can provide assistance and guidance throughout the entire inspection process. Some of the services we can provide are:

  • Pre-Inspection Preparation
  • Public Awareness Recordkeeping Audit
  • Review of Existing Effectiveness Evaluation and Recommendations for Continuous Improvement
  • Inspection Support (On-Site Throughout Audit)
In addition, RCP works with companies to ensure they are in compliance with all federal requirements as well as RP 1162. Some of the other services we provide in this area include:
  • Public Awareness Gap Analysis
  • Annual Self-Assessment
  • Address Verification Methodology