image RCP provides technical writing assistance in all areas of regulatory compliance, and on any scale. Our tech writers have oil and gas industry experience within engineering, operations and/or compliance teams and understand the regulatory process. They communicate well in person and on paper, and have the ability to explain technical material and processes in a concise, descriptive way. Technical documents are created in a uniform manner that are easy to use and easy to update as needed.

Our technical writers have the ability to create:

  • Standard Operating Procedures:
    RCP can review, create, or update your procedures using the materials you provide or working with your personnel.
  • Response Plans:
    We can create your response plan, tailored to your facility, to address one or multiple agencies.
  • Operations and Maintenance Manuals:
    Our technical writers are experienced at preparing O&M manuals and dock operations plans.
  • Training Guides:
    Let RCP help you to prepare and format your training guides so that they will be clear, concise and comprehensible.