TestOp® – Pressure Test Certification

Due to industry-wide demand, the application that RCP utilizes to validate pressure tests for their clients onsite is now available to license. The license allows operators to create, plan, simulate, execute, document, and generate comprehensive reports of pressure tests using a web-based platform with optional offline data upload capabilities. It can be utilized for any pressure test where the test medium is water, nitrogen, natural gas or air with built-in code requirements specifically for 49 CFR 192 Subpart J, 49 CFR 195 Subpart E as well as ASME B31.3 Process Piping.

TestOp® has the capability to confirm the pressure test is acceptable and meets code requirements BEFORE taking the pipe segment “off test” which will save you time and money.

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Key Features

  • TestOp® Capabilities
    1. DESIGN pressure tests in accordance with code and company requirements
    2. PLAN pressure tests with the help of the MAOP/MOP calculator and volume calculator
    3. DETERMINE pipe yielding, air entrapment and pipe length discrepancies using the P/V plot
    4. CALCULATE the allowable volume loss (and actual loss) for each test
    5. CERTIFY whether the test is leak-free and the minimum time and pressure durations are met
      • If a leak is determined, TestOp® will predict the leak size and leak rate.
    6. DOCUMENT the test with TestOp’s comprehensive auto-generated reports.
  • Pressure Test Regulations
    1. 49 CFR 192 Subpart J Test Requirements
      • Gas transmission
      • Gas distribution
      • Regulated gas gathering
    2. 49 CFR 195 Subpart E Pressure Testing
    3. ASME B31.3 Process Piping, Section 345 Testing
  • Allowable Test Mediums
    • Water
    • Nitrogen
    • Air
    • Natural gas
  • Applications for TestOp®
    • New construction
    • Repairs & replacement
    • Uprates
    • Class Location change requalification
    • Conversion of service
    • Integrity/MAOP verification
    • Grandfathered pipe
    • Spike/elevated pressure testing
    • Pipeline integrity assessments, including ASME B31.8S, Table 3
    • Pipe with unknown yield pressure
  • Industry Standards in Support of Pressure Test Validation
    • “The operator is ultimately responsible for confirming and verifying pressure test results.” – API 1110
    • “No person may operate a new segment of pipeline, or return to service a segment of pipeline that has been relocated or replaced, until…Each potentially hazardous leak has been located and eliminated.” – §192.503
    • “Effects of temperature changes shall be taken into account when interpretations are made of recorded test pressures.” – ASME B31.4-2002
    • “Utilizing a program to plot the pressure-volume graph, as the test is proceeding, has the advantage of immediately identifying when pressure gain is not commensurate with the volume of water contained, which is indicative of a potential leak or material yielding.” – INGAA

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